European Ventilation Hygiene Technicians

EVHT’s have undergone training and invigilated examination to ensure that they are knowledgeable and competent to work on customer HVAC systems

See Training & Resources for an explanation of EVHT(A) and EVHT(G) specialties

Name Country Specialty
Brian Hargreaves UK EVHT(A)
Gary Hargreaves UK EVHT(A)
Roger Malstrom Sweden EVHT(A)
Lennart Christensen Denmark EVHT(A)
Kimmo Haapalainen Finland EVHT(A)
Michael Persson Denmark EVHT(A)
Tonni Vikke Denmark EVHT(A)
Nick Umfreville UK EVHT(A)
Tim Larsen Denmark EVHT(A)
Viv Turner UAE EVHT(A)
George Soldatos Greece EVHT(A)
Paul Davies UK EVHT(A)
George Friend UK EVHT(A)
Kevin Carvell UK EVHT(A)
Nick Williams UK EVHT(A)
Paul Titheradge UK EVHT(A)
Mark Hargreaves UK EVHT(A)
Andy Rice UK EVHT(A)
Paul Arthur UK EVHT(A)
Robert Sedlar UK EVHT(A)
Bruce Boynton UK EVHT(A)
Richard Edson UK EVHT(A)
Zdenek Santora UK EVHT(A)
Louiza Kornarou Greece EVHT(A) & EVHT(G)
Apostolos Giannisopoulos Greece EVHT(A)
Sean Williams UK EVHT(A)
Jak Ryan UK EVHT(A)
Lauri Leinonen Finland EVHT(A)
Ingus Kalnins Kalenieks Latvia EVHT(A)
Jack Friend UK EVHT(A)
Nathan Price UK EVHT(A)
Gatis Neilands Latvia EVHT(A)
Armands Traskovskis Latvia EVHT(A)
Victor Seguna Malta EVHT(A)
Martin Rozínek Czech Republic EVHT(A)
Tom Järvinen Finland EVHT(A)
Jan Habr Czech Republic EVHT(G)
Tom Järvinen Finland EVHT(G)
Lauris Krūza Latvia EVHT(G)
Jan Kulhánek Czech Republic EVHT(G)
Stamatis Morogiannis Greece EVHT(G)
Victor Seguna Malta EVHT(G)
Petr Vondrouš Czech Republic EVHT(G)
Markos Roussos Greece EVHT(G) & EVHT(A)
George Doyle Ireland EVHT(G)
Colum Doyle Ireland EVHT(G)
Lukáš Polášek Czech Republic EVHT(G)
Craig Booth UK EVHT(G)
Afrim Ejupi Belgium EVHT(A)
Antonio Fontini Belgium EVHT(A)
Remzi Imeri Belgium EVHT(A)
Ahmet Karatas Belgium EVHT(A)
Robert Krasinski Belgium EVHT(A)
Luc Put Belgium EVHT(A)
Mentor Kernja Belgium EVHT(A)
Veselj Rama Belgium EVHT(A)
Seppe Thys Belgium EVHT(A)
Patrick Vandeweyer Belgium EVHT(A)
Alush Zeka Belgium EVHT(A)
Milot Zeka Belgium EVHT(A)
Diego Vanasche Belgium EVHT(A)
Christopher Leonoza Netherlands EVHT(G)
Sofiene Boussouria Netherlands EVHT(G)
Mussar Binozo Netherlands EVHT(G)
Bob Arkema Netherlands EVHT(G)
Terence Beuk Netherlands EVHT(G)
Lars Post Netherlands EVHT(G)
Marius Stumbralyis Ireland EVHT(G)
Mark Lydon Ireland EVHT(G)
Bugra Akkas Belgium EVHT(A)
Kerem Akkiran Belgium EVHT(A)
Kivanç Ipekli Belgium EVHT(A)
Dani Broos Belgium EVHT(A)
Kevin Visscher Belgium EVHT(A)
Kujtim Ipekli Belgium EVHT(A)
Gaetano Dewygaert Belgium EVHT(A)
Abedin Sadiku Belgium EVHT(A)
Gael Delporte Belgium EVHT(A)
Armend Haxhija Belgium EVHT(A)
Gentrit Ibishi Belgium EVHT(A)
Dries Bollen Belgium EVHT(A)
Yousaf Tashfeen Belgium EVHT(A)
Alban Gashi Belgium EVHT(A)
Dieter van Poucke Belgium EVHT(A)
James Gallacher Finland EVHT(A)
Christina Varzelioti Greece EVHT(A)
Kyriakos Astithas Greece EVHT(A)
Ilija Andreevski North Macedonia EVHT(A)
Vladimir Vanov North Macedonia EVHT(A)
George Gounaropoulos Greece EVHT(A)
Nikolaos Nanos Konstantoulas Greece EVHT(A)
Apostolos Samourdanis Greece EVHT(A)
Marios Tsiros Greece EVHT(A)
Christos Daskalakis Greece EVHT(A)
Dimitrios Karteris Greece EVHT(A)
Christos Annousis Greece EVHT(A)
Georgios Karakizis Greece EVHT(A)
Radu Damian Romania EVHT(A)
Diego Vanassche Belgium EVHT(A)
David Paret Belgium EVHT(A)
Bert Cornet Belgium EVHT(A)
Marino Naert Belgium EVHT(A)
Michael Ovaere Belgium EVHT(A)
Patrick Vereecken Belgium EVHT(A)



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