DK CHEMO s.r.o.

DK CHEMO s.r.o.

Slavíkova 1499/22, 130 00 Prague 3, The Czech Republic

Company Profile

DK CHEMO Ltd is a family business with a 30-year tradition. It’s know-how has been inherited through to the third generation.

The company is a professional partner for ecological and chemical cleaning of hot water and cooling systems; elimination of Legionella; application of polymer disinfection; robotic cleaning and inspection of air ducts, ventilation systems and industrial exhausts.

DK CHEMO applies an integrated management approach to ISO 9001 (Quality Management System including Occupational Health and Safety Management) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).


Company Specialities

We clean and inspect:

  • Plate heat exchangers / with a special focus on SWEP and Alfa Laval products
  • Spiral-type exchangers with a special focus on JAD, MAX, Alfa Laval products
  • Tube-type exchangers / with a special focus on Tenez, Žilina´s, Monts
  • Heating plant boilers
  • Heating systems (vertical as well as horizontal mains + central heating bodies)
  • Hot water and drinking water distribution systems including elimination of Legionella
  • Long-distance distribution systems
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems / with focus on Carrier, York, Geotek products
  • We can make an application of polymer disinfection and an anti-rust coating on the sides of boilers and hot water tanks.

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