JettyRobot s.r.o.
Pod VinicĂ­ 2028/20
143 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Company Profile

JettyRobot is a private company specialized in the development and delivery of robots working in ducts and pipes and related services.

The JettyRobot company started in 2017 however the JettyRobot project itself started in 2008.

The portfolio of customers includes companies interested in inspection and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation, and industrial exhausts as well as companies operating in the oil & gas industry, power generation, food industry, automotive, providing industrial services, etc.

JettyRobot’s products are made in Europe and they are protected by patents in Europe and in the USA.

Company Specialities

JettyRobot dares to do tricky tasks and it is a solution for clients who require the highest quality and a reasonable price when cleaning a ventilation system.

The quality and results delivered when using the JettyRobot technology with dry ice blasting are completely unbeatable by other methods:

  • No chemicals
  • No leakage
  • Non-abrasive
  • No secondary waste
  • Removing grease
  • Killing most of the microbiological contamination
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High speed
  • Spraying disinfection after finishing the cleaning job.

We support our partners and customers in their projects. Contacts us and ask how we can help you in your daily business. Local partners welcome.

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