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From our many years of experience in industrial cleaning, we developed our cleaning procedure for ventilation systems Venticleaning.

Ventilation systems are available in various sizes and weights and are used in different operating environments. That is why we developed a cleaning method that is specific and optimal for each application. We start with a preliminary audit of the system.

This consists of a number of steps:

  • The determination of the degree of contamination.
  • The mapping of the entire ventilation system in all its components (size, length, volume, bottlenecks…).
  • Determining the ideal cleaning method according to the nature of the installation and the desired air quality objectives.
  • Drawing up a plan of the cleaning activities and accompanying detailed quotation.
  • The execution of the cleaning work.
  • Buildings or houses must have a (clean) ventilation system
  • New buildings or houses or buildings that are thoroughly renovated must have a ventilation system. What many people do not know is that that system also needs to be well maintained.

Company Specialities

Controlled professional cleaning of the ventilation ducts takes care of:

  • A healthy indoor climate including the avoidance of headaches, irritated, etc. airways, eyes, fatigue, sore throat, odour nuisance.
  • A reduced risk of absenteeism.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Reduced fire risk.
  • A longer lifespan and a lower energy consumption system.

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