So how about this for a genius business-building idea? Offer kitchen extract duct cleaning FOR FREE!!

Scottish company, Costin Environmental Services offered on its LinkedIn page free cleaning of kitchen extract ductwork for the hospitality industry. This what they said:

Hospitality? Money tight? It is extremely important your premises remains fully compliant with your insurers and with the fire regulations.

So to help, we are offering free TR19 ventilation cleaning to all hospitality customers! Helping you through this tough period fully compliant. 

If you sign up for a three year contract, your first clean will be completely FREE. We will provide a free site survey, estimation, and consultation on your ventilation system(s). All this before you make your decision.

Of course there are caveats: you’ve got to trust your customer to comply with a contract for the cleaning for the next 3 years. His system may need cleaning 4 times per year, or it may need cleaning only every 12-18 months. But think of the publicity value! Think of the opportunities you’ll be uncovering by making the first survey visit!