Air Hygiene Duct Cleaning Training & Qualification EVHT (A)

9-10 June 2022

This training will be held at the Rixwell Elefant Hotel, Riga, Latvia. Please contact us if you would like to join this training session.

The Air Hygiene Technician – EVHT(A) Course

The Air Hygiene Technician – EVHT(A) – course consists of an introduction to the
theory and practice of air duct cleaning, aimed at managers and supervisors.
It is based on the EVHA Guide to Cleaning and Hygienic Management of Ventilation Systems (Air)
and on the European Norm EN15780 (2011) ‘Ductwork. Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’

Topics include:

  • IAQ factors
  • HVAC system description and components
  • Assessing your needs
  • Asset protection
  • Health & safety
  • Assessment etc
  • Project planning
  • System access
  • Cleaning techniques
  • Containment
  • Verification
  • Balancing & commissioning

On completion of the course the Air Hygiene Technician delegates will:

  • Understand health, safety and environmental issues within the workplace
  • Appreciate the Indoor Air Quality effects of dirty ventilation systems
  • Understand the principles of HVAC systems and components
  • Understand how to assess cleanliness of a system and its cleaning requirements
  • Know how to prepare the work location for cleaning activities
  • Select the correct materials, tools and equipment for work
  • Plan an air duct cleaning job
  • Develop suitable contamination containment controls
  • Understand and carry out pre and post clean testing and reporting
  • Appreciate the commercial implications of actions

Examination & Accreditation

EVHA will provide a Certificate of Competence for candidates who successfully pass the Final Assessment. This comprises a multiple choice examination and production of a simple sketch drawing.
The Certificate of Competence is backed by the EVHA’s reputation as the leading trade association in Europe and worldwide leadership in duct cleaning theory and practice


The cost per EVHA member delegate is €500.00
For non-members, the cost is €1,200.00

Venue & Travel

See above for venue city. Training usually starts at 09:00. Examination is usually finished by early afternoon of the second day

Air Hygiene Duct Cleaning Training & Qualification EVHT (A)
Air Hygiene Duct Cleaning Training & Qualification EVHT (A)


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