Training and Certification

EVHA members have access to the best specialist training by industry experts from around the world
To gain membership EVHA members must show their existing qualifications and commit to further training and
evaluation (within one year of joining) by the EVHA by having at least one European Ventilation Hygiene Technician (EVHT) in employment.
The EVHT can be specialised in Air Duct Cleaning -EVHT(A) and/or Grease Duct Cleaning -EVHT(G)

Types of Training and Certification

At present, there are two types of training offered:

3-day BESA-accredited EVHT(G)

This course concerns kitchen extract duct cleaning. It is usually suitable for operatives with some experience, team leaders and managers. The teaching comprises both classroom teaching of legislation, standards, typical systems encountered and post-clean reporting requirements, as well as a significant proportion of practical, ‘hands-on’ training in setting up jobs, using various cleaning tools, cutting access panels etc.

​There is a full day’s examination comprising multiple-choice questions, followed by practical evaluation and professional discussion.

​The course content, training facilities (including a real kitchen extract system), and the conduct of the examination is accredited by a specialist third-party training organisation, BESA Training. Ultimately BESA is backed by national government. This means that the certification of successful candidates has real authority, especially to multi-site hospitality businesses and insurance companies.

2-day EVHT(A)

This course concerns air duct cleaning. It is usually suitable for team leaders and managers. The teaching comprises both classroom teaching of legislation, standards, typical systems encountered, a selection of cleaning methods and post-clean reporting requirements

There is a 2-hour written examination comprising multiple-choice questions and some drawing/sketch work

​The course content and examination is self-accredited by the EVHA which is is motivated to maintain and improve the reputation of its membership amongst both the duct cleaning trade and the customers and other stakeholders.

EVHA Guides to Good Practice

The EVHA Guidebooks form the cornerstone of the professional duct cleaner’s work.
To mark the re-launch of the website, visitors can now get free copies of the Guides


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