Belgian EVHA member, Hamster Cleaning, gives a great example of how to encourage building owners and operators to get their HVAC systems cleaned even during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Roughly translated this says:

“Hamster Cleaning is hopeful that building managers will still take the opportunity to invest during the crisis. It may sound contradictory, but these extraordinary weeks and months are the ideal time to have air ducts cleaned and disinfected. Virtually all public buildings – ranging from offices to schools, sports halls and swimming pools – are closed or run at historically low occupancy. This ensures that our cleaners can continue to work even more smoothly. Almost no employee notices any of the work and – once the coronastorm has settled down- can return to work in a hygienic working environment.”

Duct cleaners can offer to carry out maintenance backlog work with minimal disruption while buildings are practically empty.

If a job was previously quoted for more expensive out-of-hours working, or with sub-optimal programming to work around occupants, then it can be re-quoted at lower cost for the building owner, giving a great win-win proposition.

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