Home Ventilation Cleaning

Home Ventilation Cleaning

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Company Profile

Home Ventilation Cleaning is a company specialising in inspecting, maintaining and cleaning ventilation systems in residential homes as well as in the tertiary sector (hairdressers, catering, beauticians, small office, convenience stores, etc.).

Our work consists of providing a healthy indoor climate. We do this by mechanically cleaning your ventilation ducts. For each system, we have adapted equipment for galvanised, plastic and flexible ducts.

Company Specialities

Home Ventilation Cleaning is a young, dynamic company that insists on providing you with the best service. Thus, we guarantee that your ventilation system / indoor air quality is as clean as possible.

What makes Home Ventilation Cleaning unique?

Our motivation is to strive for a perfectly beautiful indoor air climate. We do this not only by maintaining ventilation systems, we go a step further and repair, replace or do minor/major work on your ventilation system. This is how we try to optimise your system.

In addition to maintaining ventilation systems, our company is also committed to your health, through its own study. During this study, we investigate the influence of cleaning, as it can differ in every home. We do this before and after an installation / renovation / cleaning of the ventilation system. In this way, we also like to show you why good ventilation is necessary and what influence it has on our health.


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