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2988CL Ridderkerk

Company Profile

VETkanaal, which specializes in inspecting and cleaning grease ducts, was founded in 2012. Vetkanaal provides cleaning, inspecting and maintaining of kitchen extract ductwork. We work with a variety of sectors, such as restaurants, sport centers, daycare.

Every day our certified technicians work with the best possible equipment and are always available 24/7 to be of service to our customers. During an inspection, we look at the duct with a camera and measure the thickness of the grease deposit. We note the results in the inspection report together with our advice.

Company Specialities

Having grease ducts cleaned is very important, fat deposits in the ductwork are not immediately visible. But if you don’t have them cleaned it can lead to dangerous situations. Another risk is invisible dust and dirt which accumulates in the channels that cause nasty fungi and harmful bacteria.

Because of our expertise we can do inspections, cleaning and maintenance. We always create digital reports after an inspection or cleaning, so everything is up to date and it is clear when it is time for the next cleaning. Therefore the customers are always assured of timely cleaning of the kitchen exhaust ducts and thus assured of a safe working environment for them and the staff.

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