Introducing a unified platform that brings together ventilation experts from all across Europe. We’ve tailored Discord to meet even the most demanding needs of EVHA. Try it out, experience it, and embrace it!


  • Free to Use

No need to spend a dime to stay connected with our growing community. Simply install the application, join our server, and start exploring—it’s as easy as that!


  • Cross-Device Syncing

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or prefer managing your work from the comfort of your office, you can stay up-to-date across all your devices. Access important announcements seamlessly from your phone, tablet, or desktop PC—all synchronized for your convenience.


  • Improve your business with external resources

Share your experience with others! Ask questions about specific applications, join the pool of knowledge with experts from all across Europe. Contribute to discussions, or participate in video meetings.


  • Real-Time Notifications

Never miss out on important updates with our integrated notifications system. Receive alerts on your mobile phone or computer—ensuring you’re always informed, no matter where you are!


  • Personalized Interface

Navigate our server with ease thanks to intuitive sections and an integrated search engine. If you’re ever unsure where to go, Jakub Kmínek is ready to assist you!


  • All Important Updates in One Place

Stay informed about current topics, regulatory updates, local events, engaging discussions, and much more—all conveniently located on our Discord server.


  • Lightweight and Multiplatform

Enjoy Discord on your preferred device, whether it’s Android, iOS, Windows, or Linux. It’s lightweight and won’t hog your system’s resources or storage. Prefer not to install another app? It runs smoothly even in your web browser!

Do you want to become a part of our community? Join EVHA and enjoy all of our benefits!